Monday, June 13, 2016

Jugan- Rayu Trail 10 April 2016

It's been a while since I posted something in my blog here but it doesn't mean that I stop riding as riding has been my weekend routine since the first time I lay my hand on the throttle of my Kawasaki KLX150s.
What you saw above are the pictures of three good friends riding at a treacherous place known as Jugan trails heading or should I say going out to Rayu, a gruesome 6 hours trails of an unforgettable adventure. This trails officially to be one of my favourite trails of all time because it demanded the full strength of our energy, drained out our drinks, tested our riding skills to the maximum and especially in proving to us that we can accomplish everything as long as we believed in what we do (sounds a bit stereotype but that will do).
Well I have been riding on this trails for 3-4 times as long as I can remember and it's been an absolutely different adventures every time I went through it. And the last time I remember two of the main bridges collapsed because of flood and requires the 3 of us to ride through a river and go different ways to reach home. There's no U turn here because nobody would and therefore we have to figure our own way out somehow.
And it's been a great pleasure to ride with my two good friends which are Mamat and Appen and we really hope that we can ride the same spot again soon.

ride first, worry later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camera Rolling... Action!

Most riders love to keep record of their actions no matter what the occasions are, from off road riding to motocross tracks to road racing tracks and highway ride. And in order to keep things recorded, one must have an appropriate gadget and the most suitable one would an action camera. There are many action cameras out there comes in different brand, package, capability and especially price. And the most popular brand would be Gopro that is widely known and endorsed by many top athletes with different range of sports. GoPro is most known for extreme sports like mountain biking, car drifting, freestyle motocross (FMX), skiing and many more. Well, in term of price range I can say that GoPro is the most expensive if to compare to other brands out there. In Malaysia, you can have one with the price between RM900- 1400 which is way too expensive to me.

GoPro Hero 3
But of course there's another affordable options out there instead a GoPro. Recently I stumble upon some good reviews on these 2 action cameras which is Polaroid XS7 and an action camera known as SJ1000. I've seen the video reviews myself and to be honest I really like what I see. It is not as expensive as a GoPro, the price of the Polaroid is around RM270 while the xbase SJ1000 is only for RM280 including postage. Polaroid XS7 is equipped with 5 megapixels camera with 70 degree viewing angle while the SJ1000 has 12 megapixels with 140 degree viewing angle, the same specifications of what a GoPro has (I bet by now you guys can easily guess which one I prefer to have the most since I can't afford a GoPro)

Polaroid XS7 action camera

XBase SJ1000
There's another model produce by the SJ company, the GoPro version known as SJ400 but unfortunately it is not available in Malaysia and if there's any, I would stick to SJ1000. The price of this SJ4000 is around RM500. You can see it for yourself from the picture below how almost similar it to GoPro.


Monday, March 17, 2014

YSS Pre- Load Mono Shock made for Kawasaki KLX150s

I believe this is something most Kawasaki KLX150s riders out there wanna hear. Yes I knew that we've been messing around with the stock SHOWA mono shock and definitely that wasn't enough. 

And so recently I got myself a YSS mono shock especially made for Kawasaki KLX150s. It's a pre load and not fully adjustable but that's all that I can afford to have since I wanna try myself other brand than the stock shock. YSS has come with this latest technology in their pre load absorber but I am not really sure what the specifications are. Actually YSS has the fully adjustable version of Kawasaki KLX150s mono shock but it is not available in the place where I live.You guys can check it on your own at YSS website for further information.

So far it feels great, I've tried it off road and on tracks. In term of compression I can say that the YSS is stiffer if to compared to the stock SHOWA. Other than that, I noticed the differences of the 2 shocks in term of size and weight. The YSS is much smaller and lighter but still maintain the same length. The coil is not as thick as the SHOWA has and that is why it looks a bit small once I installed it on my KLX150s.

The installation is quite easy, you just need the right tools to get the job done and maybe you need a friend to help you to lift the bike so that you can insert the bolt to lock the shock together with your KLX150s. The package comes with a small bar that you may need to adjust the stiffness of the shock at the lower part of the shock and also an allen key for you to unlock and lock the adjustment part that I have mentioned.

don't judge the mono by its size

I've tried to put my hand in between the space of the shock and the swingarm and my hand can get through. And if you want to put your hand the same way with the stock SHOWA, your hand will not go through, that's how I wanna explain how small the mono is. Well, you can see it for yourself from the picture above the space between the shock and the swingarm clearance.

Owh yeah I forgot to mention that I bought it for around USD150 or RM450 (Ringgit Malaysia 450)

"ride 1st worry later!"